Soohyun “Stone” Kim
Founder & CEO

SIMULOUD (the company) was founded by Soohyun “Stone” Kim in 2020 to support healthcare simulation programs with his 8 years of experience in healthcare simulation from day-to-day operation to innovative education. Stone recognized that healthcare simulation business is very complex so a number of simulation centers were experiencing difficult times with their operation. By establishing SIMULOUD, Stone envisioned that consulting and staffing services would be very helpful for simulation centers to achieve their goals more efficiently.

Fortunately, Stone has been able to connect with many healthcare simulation experts. This allows the company to provide tremendous consulting services on healthcare simulation accreditation, administration, education, and technologies. SIMULOUD consulting team members have many years of experience and mostly certified by Society for Simulation in Healthcare.

When simulation centers get busy, they need endless resources to support successful simulation activities. The Staffing services will help customers operate more flexibly so their operation can be more effective and efficient. SIMULOUD provides debriefing facilitators, simulation technicians, simulation operators, and simulated participants as needed. 

In the near future, SIMULOUD plans to add mobile-based simulation training services.