Most of learning occurs during debriefing (DB) sessions after healthcare simulation activities. Therefore, conducting an effective DB session is very important. What factors make successful DB? The learner’s psychological safety and organized DB are the most important factors. If learners feel unsafe to share what they were thinking or their logic behind actions, reflections can be difficult. There are DB tools to guide facilitators can conduct structured DB for effective and efficient use of DB time.

Debriefing Frameworks/Tools


Promoting Excellence And Reflective Learning in Simulation (PEARLS) Healthcare Debriefing Tool is designed to integrate 3 common educational strategies used during debriefing: (1) learner self-assessment, (2) facilitating focused discussion, and (3) providing information. The PEARLS debriefing tool incorporates scripted language to guide the debriefing. The PEARLS offers a structured framework adaptable for debriefing simulations with a variety in goals, including clinical decision making, improving technical skills, teamwork training, and interprofessional collaboration.

PEARLS Healthcare Debriefing Tool Link

DB with Good Judgment

The debriefing with good judgment approach is designed to increase the
chances that a learner hears and processes what the instructor is saying
without being defensive or trying to guess the instructor’s critical judgment.
The debriefing with good judgment provides learners with a clear signal
about the instructor’s point of view while reducing the potential misunderstandings or defensiveness that often occurs during debriefing.