Research Grants

Debra Spunt Research Grants

The INACSL “Debra Spunt” Research Grants are designed to fund research that advances the science of simulation in healthcare and is related to at least one of the INACSL research priorities. Rigorously designed research proposals, both qualitative and quantitative are welcome.

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SSH Novice Research Grant

$5,000 to $10,000 to support promising pilot studies. Methodologically sound simulation-based research projects using quantitative, qualitative or hybrid approaches are sought. Studies that are both innovative and have strong potential for a positive impact on the simulation field are encouraged.

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Simulation Academy Novice Research Grant

The goal of the SAEMF/Simulation Academy Novice Research Grant is to increase the body of knowledge in simulation-based endeavors and applications within different facets of emergency medicine care, training, and systems research, such as emergency department operations and throughputs.

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